8K resolution?????

Hello ALL,

What do you guys think about the 4K  resolution? Most say you cant tell 1080p from 4k resolution. I mean you can it just not that amazing for most to say WOW. For whom say’s you cant, just stop it.  More then half upload is still 720p even when the clip said 1080p its not really is. Since you have to upload it correctly for it to be true 1080p. Most upload just record and upload. I wont get into that if you guys want me to do a post about uploading then comment then i will explain about it a bit more. Now think about 8k resolution TV WTH. When 4k came out it was  5000-15,000$. So 8k going be 20,000-100,000$? I’m a tech lover and all, but I think they should use all this focus on resolution to something better? From the clip was posted online at CES2017  it looks clean smooth but to me its not needed yet. This was introduce  back in CES2016  i believe, im sure everyone will be talking about the 8k resolution soon.