Akiba’s Strip Episode 5 and 6

This episode was amazing with the arcade nostalgic had all the feels of growing up and going to the arcades. Niwaka Denkigai is stolen by a high level gamer named Matsuko who’s power oddly enough comes from stripping down to her underwear, which goes against everything we have learned about bugged ones so far since they are supposed to die once stripped of their clothes.

Tamotsu is at the arcadre when his little sister is taken hostage by a bugged one and in order to defeat his enemy he must beat her at a game. But not just any game the old school Street Fighter 2, with Chung Lee as his chosen character. One of my all time favorite arcade games is hands down Street Fighter, I never thought I would see it used in an anime. I mean the animation of the game is pixled but its still spot on. And it was just a little weird to see anime characters playing with it to battle for Akiba.

In episode six we see building his own PC for the first time. While he forgets to purchase an operating sytem lucks out and receives on from the weird Professor Tsujin Ratu. Pyuko becomes the voice operaed PC that follows, Tamotsu’s orders and ultimatley saves the day against the bugged ones. I like episode 5 more than episode 6 but watch and tell us your thought about each episode.


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