Anime Spring 2017

Hi everyone it has been a little too long since my last blog post. The absence has come during the last semester of my undergraduate degree and things got a little hectic towards the end. I hope those of you will continue to join us as we update on new anime coming for for the Spring of 2017. Most of the first few episode have already been released and I am hoping to watch a few this week to give you my thoughts. Till then please heck out the first episode of Akashic Records of a Bastard Magic Instructor anime on kiss anime and tell us your thoughts. If you have any animes to recommend this season let us know.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

What would you do if your favorite teacher was replaced with a lazy bum who didn’t want to teach at all? In the first episode meet a teacher Glenn Radar a once prodigy at a top magical academy. He is super young, unkept, and a tad perverted. The academy is short a teacher and he is given the opportunity even though he shows no qualifications for the job except that he went to school there. Glenn that teacher who is super lazy, unmotivated, and inappropriate. That’s when Sistena is the overachieving mage student steps in because she won’t put up with his crap. As much as it is hard to watch Glenn in this episode it is also hard to watch Sistena’ hatred towards him. The two started on the wrong foot and jt doesn’t look like that will ever change but it is so funny to watch them go back and forth.

Sistena continually beats on him for his ignorance until one day he goes to far putting her over the edge. While he naps through his classes the other students continue to struggle. Maybe there is a method to his madness but one of his students Sistena teaches him a shocking lesson in a dual. But could there be more to Glen than meets the eye? This anime has just about everything to keep you wanting to know more about the story line. Glenn’s sponsor is a woman feared and by the school administrators. She brings a dark aura and we only see a few pieces of her in Glenn’s childhood past.

Episode 2 we see little change in Glenn’s attitude towards teaching his student’s but it isn’t until he catches one of his students trying to create a magic circle that he gets a glimpse of his past when he used to love magic. After formally giving an apology in class we learn that Glenn actually does know what he is talking about as he begins to explain to his students that they know very little about magic to begin with. Who is this guy he keeps acting lazy but he is really talented. But how can he be this talented but so lazy? He finally gains popularity with the students when things start to take a dark turn. Someone is after _ and they confront Glenn, but Glenn survives and in turn we see that he is well trained in military combat. Even the bad guys want to know who this third-grad mage really is.

This anime has so much potential I am really excited for next weeks episode, and hopefully Glenn’s explanations for all his hidden talents. It will be interesting to see how well he can play it off, and if we find out why these guys were after Sistena’s friend.  What did you think of the first two episodes? Do you think Glenn’s true identity will be revealed?