Ao No Exorcist Episode 4

**Spoiler Alert**

After this episode I was finally getting back into the Blue Exorcists Series. I loved the first season so much, and I wanted to see what this season had to offer. It hasn’t disappointed as we are lead on another adventure with Rin trying to control his powers, and the demonic forces trying to gain control.

This episode leading up from Rin’s trip with his class mates to help prevent the left eye from being stolen at the temple and used for evil. We find out that Rin cannot release his flames or he will be a target for other excorcits. He is also learning how to control his powers by focusing. Shura has been giving him lessons but he is finally catching on. But in this episode the true culprit of the temple is revealed as Ryuuji Suguro discovers by accident that Mamushi Houjou broke into the deep keep and stole the left eye. Mamushi is an Middle First-Class Exorcist at the Kyoto Branch of the True Cross Order and Uwabami Houjou’s daughter. Her reasoning is that Saburouta Toudou told her Mephisto Pheles was the true cuplrit, since he was hiding Rin.

Rin’s cover completely blown. When he becomes overwhelming angry at his friend Ryuuji Suguro. For telling his father (Tatsum a Suguro) that he is no longer his son. This is brings up recent  memories of Rin’s last word to his adoptive father. Rin’s infamous blue flames released as he tries to get through to his friend. Not to leave those words between his father because he will regret it.

This epsiode finally gave us insight to what is going on, but has left plenty of questions as well. I am hoping Rin’s outburst doesn’t mean he will now become a target. At the same time Tatsum a Surguro seems to be hiding something from his son and the temple. We can’t be to sure as to what will happen next, but I am hoping that Rin with get it together and become the hero we all want him to be. His brother was not mentioned in this episode but I am sure that once the True Cross is notified of the left eyes disappearance we will be seeing him soon.