Demichan 2

Takahashi Sensei gets to sit with a dullahan, a cute high school girl that looks more like the headless horseman since her head is detached. The more I watch this anime the more I love the stories of these high school girls. As if high school is not hard enough these girls know as half humans or demichans, must try to cope with their individual differences.

Macchi explains to the professor that her head and body are still one person but she has discovered that the can still be very far apart . She also explains to him that she has been having trouble fitting in because of the awkwardness of her head. Her type of demi is one of the rarest in the entire world.

Macchi-san seems to have her first crush on Takahashi Sensei but is to shy to let him know. Hikari-chan sets them up on an experiment by sending her up on a trip to the store with out her body. Its so funny because Hikari-chan is left with Macchi’s body and all her expressions and gestures still com through, even when Hiraki-chan pokes her boobs. Or even when her body still has to use the bathroom.

After spending a day holding Macchi-san’s head Takahai Sensi realizes the challenges his student is facing and asks permission for her to use a backpack instead. I am really hoping Macchi-san will get the chance to show her feelings towards her teacher, but I think it is more about her feeling accepted than anything else. This cute relationship seems to have already made Hikari-chan just a little jealous. What do you think about this episode and how do you feel about Macchi-san’s crush for her teacher?