Catching up on Anime Demichan Episode 3 and 4

Finally got a chance to watch the next two episodes of Demi-chan! Has anyone else caught up on this season? By far this has to be one of my new favorites, because the story line is just adorable. I normally don’t like cute anime but this one has won my attention, that I have already watched each episode at least twice. I may just be a little obsessed but episode 3 and 4 where worth the wait.

In episode 3 we got to learn about Satou Sakie, a female teacher and succubus at the same high school. Her daily life is very stringent as she has to continually check her surrounds for guys. She has a sexual arousal also called and aphrodisiac affect that makes most guys think she is hot even when she goes out of her way to not look attractive. The funniest part had to be when she accidentally fell asleep on the train and gave every guy a sexy dream .

We also find out that she has a crush on Tetsuo Takahashi Sensei for his non interest in her. But he is actually just as effected by her attractiveness as the next guy he just tries to hide it so not to upset her. It is so ridiculous how sexy she is but she can’t even tell Tetsuo Takahashi hello without being scared.

Episode 4 We see Satou Sensi and Tetsuo Takahashi work together to bring all the demi-chans together so they can help each other and hopefully if not already become friends. Hakuri helps Yuki find her voice and confront the girls who have been talking behind her back.

It is really a touching moment because she learned that if she continues to push people away she will just end up looking like something she really isn’t I wasn’t happy that they showed her apologizing to her bullies it seemed a little too nice for what they had said about her. But in the end I am glad all the girls could come together… “Aww”. Who is your favorite character so far in this anime? Do you think the girls will start to fight each other? And when did this anime become a harem anime or is that just me?

This is Chan.

I very do like this anime, funny, cute and have its sad moments. This anime seem like it can open up a lot of people in this world. On Episode four it shows you how to confront bully without hurting anyone. Rather be the bigger person to fix it then make it to something that can end worst. I dont really care if its a spin-off of other anime or not but most people do. Unsure why.  Its a must watch anime for this season Click Here To Watch Or here for Episode 4.

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