Healthy Eating Just Got Easier!

Every week my husband and I have the same dilemma, what are we going to eat for dinner? By the time I get off work it is already late and I don’t feel like driving to the grocery store browsing around spending usually $30.00 to $40 bucks easily on a meal. Which is kind of crazy and I need to start couponing as well. But I will get frustrated that I only know a few recipes that both my husband and I can enjoy.

Last week my sister-in-law introduced me to Hello Fresh, a weekly subscription that delivers custom meals right to your door. Their recipes only take 30 minutes to make, and are brought in from local sources to your kitchen table. One of the best things about this subscription is that all the meals and their ingredients are perfectly portioned. It is almost as if you have your own person chef designing these meals. No more grocery store trips through out the week our trying to decide what to eat.

My first subscription box arrives Sunday, January 22, 2017, and we will be reviewing this product and adding a short clip to determine if this subscription is worth the buy.

Hello Fresh has also given us a coupon code for your fist subscription box with $40 off your first box. There is no contract and you can cancel when you like. They even have an app where you can choose your meal plan and pick out what you want to eat each week, there is even an option to skip a week.

Use Coupon Code: LINPHA

If you have question about our experience please comment below.