Masamune-kun no Revenge

Masamune Makabe grew up as the ugly chubby kid that was constantly bullied as a kid. When he met the rich and beautiful girl Aki Adagaki she managed to nicknamed him “piggy”. Years later Masamune has turned him self into the ideal highscool boy, and is determined to seek his revenge on Aki.  This anime has impressed me so far with its romantic comedy high school vibe. And while I have yet to catch up on this anime it is definitely one of the top for this season with a 8.8 out of 10 star rating on kiss anime.

Masamune is the wannabe lady killer in this anime with plenty of attitude. He is constantly mimicking his actions to manga books in order to win over Aki. He has even paired up with her maid in order to seek his revenge. But in the end he is just finding himself falling for his so called enemy. The best part has to be watching Aki’s reaction even when Masamune gives her the cold shoulder in order to get her attention.

The best part of this anime so far has to be The commentary that Masamune has with himself. He obviously doesn’t understand girls and though, when he strictly depends on manga to give him relationship advice. Aki’s maid Yoshino Koiwai is also trying to give Masumune advice on his revenge. Which almost ends up backfiring as we find out that Aki is very guarded because she has be hurt before.


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