Nintendo Switch Release 2017

Nintendo’s new console is still a bit of mystery but as more information is released we will keep you posted. The price is set for under $300.00 which is great for Gamer’s on a budget.

From the promo given on the Nintendo’s Site it seems this console will seamlessly transform into a mobile device with tablet like feature but also removable controls. It can be taken from your  home entertainment system to you bag on the go. The look is similar to the WiiU but it looks a lot more promising withe the added wireless capabilities.

It is also very possible that Nintendo could be looking at a possible VR addition to the system. No word yet on if it will be available upon release though. Release date is set for March 2017 according to the Nintendo Site. Hopefully more information will be released come the new year! Tons of games have been rumored to be released with for sure 3 launching upon release. More to come in 2017 for the update on the Switch Game Line up. What will you look forward to in this launch for Nintendo?