PIIT 1.0 Day 8-10

Hey fellow PIIT Princess,

I am just putting in an update on the past few workouts and how I have been feeling since I completed the first week of the PIIT routines. Friday I was able to comfortably wear my old pair of jeans size marked 26! This was a huge motivation because it showed me that what I doing is working. I did move my rest day to Wednesdays but I was able to pick right back up and complete another session. What I love most about this program is I don’t need a gym membership to get in shape and I can complete the workouts in enough time to do everything else. Friday I weighed in form 125 pounds to 119 pounds, and while my overall goal was not to loose weight but to get fitter and feel better about my appearance. I am only 5 feet tall so my BMI does go over the recommended number once I hit 125 pounds. My goals for this week are to keep drinking more water!

Although it has been difficult to track how much water I am actually drinking with 28 day reset I am a lot less bloated. I did even have a cheat meal of Chikfala but this is my challenge and if I can’t have a cheat meal at least once I won’t make it. Even if I cheated as long as I stick overall with the program I am sure I will be fine because I plan to continue with PIIT 2.0 and the upcoming PIIT 3.0. The thing that I am still working on improving during this challenge is preparation.

If my meals are not already good and prepared I am more tempted to eat quick and easy fixes. Today I baked a salmon with lemon pepper and paprika, quinoa, and loas papaya salad for lunch. For dinner I had Daiya Vegtable gluten and dairy free pizza which was pretty amazing especially with hot sauce. I will probable have the rest of the Pizza for breakfast and the salmon for lunch. I love papaya salad and I was so excited to finally make it.

This vegetarian pizza is actually really good and I don’t know how but the cheese seems just like real cheese. I was completely satisfying especially going on without bread. This is a picture of the pizza before baking, and while baking it smell delicious. I was lucky enough to find it on sale for $4.99 because the normal price was $11.99. With 3 servings in this one pizza it was a pretty good deal and convenient that I could cook my husbands pizza along with mine. Has anyone tried any other gluten and dairy free products that taste amazing?