PIIT Day 5 and Rest day

I can’t believe I made it through the week and completely through my workout 1.5 Cardio Camp. It had to be my favorite workout of the week even with my thighs being sore from previous workouts. My workout included seven moves front kicks, quick feet, alternating front lunges, clap under, in and outs, mountain climbers and butt kicks. While the moves sound easy enough, they are all super effective in creating a great routine.

Using the Blogilates app with the timer helps me keep track and complete my work out routine all the way through. The timer is great because it simplifies with this program you have to do the workout times and each moves has to be done in 45 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

Making it to day 6 and enjoying my rest day has made it rewarding to know I have completed a full week of working out and while my weight has only fluctuated 3 pounds I was able to to on me 26 in jeans on Friday, which made me feel awesome about keeping up with this program. Some things I have noticed about this week is that I have a lot more energy even when I come home from work. I am more focused throughout the day, and I can keep going!

With the 28 day challenge I have still been able to maintain a regular diet without starving myself. I love food and eating and while the 28 day challenge can be difficult at times I am so happy I am doing it because it is really making me thing about how and what I am eating. The hard part is I am not the only one cooking at my house and while my family is not on the 28 day reset I can still find alternatives to eating with them. Today will be one of those challenges because we are eating pho my favorite. Pho is Vietnamese soup with beef broth normally rice noodles, meat and veggies. I may have to make a extra trip to sprouts and pick up some miracle noodles just so I can eat with the rest of the family since I cannot eat rice noodles on the 28 day challenge.

How are your fitness goals going for the New Year? Just because you don’t see changes immediately small changes will lead to results.