My PIIT28 Day 3

Day 3 of PIIT 28


I am super sore today in my legs and thighs from the previous workouts today. The sugar cravings are not so bad. Everyday I am hoping this gets a little easier to accomplish as I get stronger! The work out today was for upper body, which was not as difficult as I expected it to be. I was able to complete it with the main challenge being the Up-Downs in plank position, because my shoulders were screaming by round 2. The pattern of cardio movements, then breaking, then doing a physical body weight exercise is what keeps my heart racing through out the entire work out routine.

28 day reset

I am still doing my best to maintain this but it is not easy by a long shot. Everything you eat pretty much has some amount of sugar, and while I am still fighting the cravings giving myself some wiggle room is what I have had to do. My cheat meal today was Chicken Breast Nachos. I used half a chicken breast, homemade corn chips and pico de gallo I had left in the fridge to make a quick and easy lunch. For dinner I had a leafy green vegetable soup with a few pieces of braised pork belly.  While corn chips and pork belly are not on the 28 day reset at the moment of not having my meals prepped I had to make due. I still have not had creamer in my coffee but I am loving vanilla soy milk in my coffee.But everyone is on their own fitness journey my ultimate goal is to overall be healthier this year.


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