Sexy Anime? Kuzo-no-Honkai

This anime is about a high school girl Hanabi. Who’s first love is her neighbor and teacher Narumi who is much older than her, but doesn’t seem to know about her feelings. Hanabi seems like your average teenage girl with an innocent crush, but she has a lot more going on with herself than we first see. Narumi turns around and falls in love with Akane Minagawa a new teacher, who’s previous student she used to tutor is also in love with her. What most people don’t know about this teacher is that her attractiveness is all a ploy to get male attention. She is literally a nympho in disguise, which is the weird part because her only goal is to make men fall for her and the people they love feel broken once she steals their man.

The Hanabi and Mugi find themselves on the outside looking in on their first crush building relationship. Hanabi and Mugi start to look at each other to comfort their pain. But the closer Hanabi finds herself to Mugi the more her feelings for Narumi become oddly distorted.  This anime is very twisted and as we get to know more about the characters and their past we learn more about their past. Sex is a constant theme in this anime and it is the first that I have come across to use sex so heavily ,especially in a highschool anime. Yes, there are a lot of ecchi anime that show touching and boobs but this one is on another level. Even I feel uncomfortable watching but you can’t help but keep watching.

We later find out that Akane Minagaw is actually a man-eater of a women who is trying to use Narumi to fill her own void with sex and it destroy Hanabi. She is no longer the innocent victim as she finds herself experimenting with her friend Ecchai. While she starts to develop true feelings for Mugi, she still not sure about what she wants to do. As she technically remains a virgin up until episode 6. Who knows what is going to happen next because she also finds out about Narumi’s relationship going on with Akane as she passes her in the hall and tells her she had sex with Narumi. Check out this adult themed anime if your up to it, let us know what you though about the story and if you are shipping Narumi and Hanabi.



As far as anime’s go this one has to be the most adult content I have probably ever seen, with several bed scenes its kind of weird, but I will let you tell me what you think of this anime so far. While it is very similar to high school  and real life situations, it kind of leaves you with this weird feelings about how innocence is lost. Who do you think Hanabi will end up with, and will her feelings for Narumi disappear?



Hello All,

Let me answer the question that my lovely wife just ask you guys.  Most viewers can already guess what going happen next. A slut like to mess with people going get heart broken sooner or later then he forgives her.  Hanabi going end up leaving Mugi since she will start falling more for him. Then they may end up together . Over all its not a must watch on my list more of if you have time and very bored.  It do remind me of my high school days. Acting like you guys dating because you cant get with the person you want.


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