Snowman’s Saddness Demichan Epsiode 5

So I am not going to lie I went on a full blown anime marathon today. I couldn’t help it with as much as I have been working and going to school I just wanted to get lost in some of these awesome shows. Demichan did not disappoint this week as we finally learned what has been bothering Yuki Kusakabre the blue haired snowwoman. Tetsuo tried to talk to her about what she had been experiencing lately and tried to get to the bottom of what has been bothering her. While she was telling her story about accidently creating ice in a warm tub, Tetsuo Sensi wanted to preform an experiment. He realized that when she feel sad or emotional it is harmful and can cause her to unknowingly create ice. Its a pretty neat trick but it can actually end up hurting her is she isn’t careful. What did you think of Yuki’s abilities? Do you think she can continue to be positive with her new friends, or will she continue to hide from them?  Once she realizes it is her own fears making her avoid people she quickly tries to apologize to the girls closest to her and even ask out a boy. My favorite part was when Yuki let Hikari nibble on her. Check out this super cute anime for more episodes.