Spirit Pact

This Yaoi or boy love anime is a must watch if you are into bromance. You Keika is a washed up fortune teller who comes from a famous exorcist family. But his encounter with Tanmoku Ki one fateful night not only ends his life but begins a new one alongside Tanmoku.

As one of my first Yaoi anime I like that Keika doesn’t put up with Tanmoku even though he is obviously weaker in every aspect.  The characters in the anime are fully aware that the relationship between Tanmoku and Keika is different but nothing ever really happens between them so far, just a lot of coincidental moments. I think this is just a fun anime to watch and something different from the typically love drama. The latest episode left with a dramatic cliff hanger were someone s critically injured over a past life incident. So we will see if these two stuck in this spirit pact are actually fated star-crossed lovers. Tell us what you think about this anime so far and if the bromance is just a little too weird for you. Do you think they will continue as fated partners?





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