Super Mario Run arrives to iOS

Super Mario Run is out at the iTunes App Store, download it now for free. First three levels are free then pay $10 to keep playing and add six more Worlds!

Join Mario on his quest with Toad to save Princess Peach!


Game play is addicting and as promising as the hype. Mario runs through a familiar world jumping across the obstacles ahead, sliding down hills, and climbing walls.

Race against the timer or try beat your friends progress running through the world as fast as possible. Collecting coins and super coins, tap once to jump and tap twice to jump even higher.(collect the coins to build your little village )

Get bonus time by hitting the red play buttons available randomly through out the course.Avoid the holes, mushrooms, and monster turtles or get put in a bubble that drags you backwards. If this happens simply tap and burst the bubble to drop down and start again.

Mario will automatically try to jump and kill the monsters as he approaches, but be careful not to jump and hit them form underneath or the side, because you will lose a life after 3 hit it will be game over. When Mario approaches wall he will grab on and summersault backwards before attempting to jump again. Use this to your advantage when attempting to climb between two narrow walls by repeatedly tapping, or if trying to avoid going backwards try to jump before he gets to close to the edge.



Once you reach the end of your level be sure to jump on the flag pole to claim the level before the timer runs out. Pros about this game is it a great spin on the classic as Nintendo finally brings its classis games from console to the app store and mobile devices. The Con right now is even though it is cheaper than a console game it is defiantly pricey with a $10 price tag attached to it after level 3.