Sword Art Online A Look Back

Sword Art Online has been a personal favorite of mine since its original release back in 2013. This anime has one of the best stories, and has been very successful with its 2 seasons. I am planning on watching the U.S release of the SAO Ordinal Scale movie coming out March 9th. If you haven’t watched this anime you are truly missing out on an amazing story. This post may contain spoilers so please watch the anime before continuing to read this post. I really hate giving away too much information about the anime if you haven’t watched it yet, so I always try to give a brief overview. If you also enjoy SAO let us know what your favorite season is, and your favorite character. In SAO there are different guilds and fighting style is similar to medieval times.


Season One

Season Two

Before VR systems were even talked about, this science fictional anime first season was showing players enter a game called Sword Art Online using a virtual reality head set called NerveGear to enter the Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Unfortunately, on the games release 10,000 players become trapped when they discover they can’t logout of the game. Kayaba the creator tells the players they must beat the boss and complete all 100 floors in the world of Aincrad if they want to be free. While most games you can unplug, this game if you die in the game you are going die in the real world too, and if someone forcibly removes the NerveGear, that person will also die.

One of the first beta testers of the game is Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, the story follows him as he attempts to fight through Aincrad, with his friends. Kirito has to overcome his own fears and self doubts but he is incredibly strong in the game which makes his battles exciting to watch. He later fights alongside Asuna Yuki a top female player in one of the top guilds. Through their challenges and travels Kirito and Asuna spend two years in the game and eventually marry one another. They also gain an AI in the who they refer to as their daughter, this AI named Yui is capable of accessing the game internally and helps them complete missions. There are a lot of different relationships in this anime and a little a each character and background is shared. If you liked other anime like Fairytail I think you will like this anime as well.

The end of season one Kirito wakes up in the hospital, but later finds out there are still 300 players including Asuna trapped in the game. In season 2, or part 2 of season 1, Kirito once again has to enter the virtual reality game this time called ALO Alfheim Online. Alfheim Online a fairy guild game where Kirito learns to fly. This time with the help of his cousin Suguha “Leafa” Kirigaya and Yui, his original navigation pixie from SAO, Kirito go on the adventure and task to release Asuna from the mind control experiments going on in the game. This season was pretty much more of a thriller, and mystery, as Kirito has to put all the clues together in order to find out where Asuna is. And he continues to go in and out of the game in order to find Asuna’s body that is on life support.

In season 2, Kazuto becomes an investigator to help solve some murders happening to players of a game called Gun Gale Online. He is aided by a female player named Shino “Sinon” Asada. His investigation leads him to the culprit who turns out to be the same player who tried to kill him and several others in the original SAO. While Kirito has to learn how to shoot, he gains a closer friendship with Sinon, and Asuna doesn’t play huge role in this season. But what he finds out about Sinon when he meets her in the real world is pretty heartbreaking. Of all the episodes these last ones are some of the saddest.

SAO Ordinal Scale, from the previews seems to be yet another battle inside the VRMMORPG world alongside Asuna. It is exciting to see how popular this anime has been over the past 5 years to actually make it to a film adaption. It was released in Japan on Feburary 19, 2017 where it was the #1 box office hit. My expectations for this anime are really high and I am very excited to watch this movie on March 9th. My favorite season has to be season 1. If you have a favorite part of this anime series please comment below.