Why Bash HTC U Ultra??!

Hello All,


This is Chan p.

I was reading  articles about HTC U Ultra, and let me just say WTF. 85% of the writers haven’t touched the phone ,nor seen it up front and they already talking trash about it. My last HTC was the 8 since I end up loving the note 7( But it messed up a bit, Yes just a bit in my eyes. People tend to make stuff bigger then how it is. If you use the phone correctly then its pretty hard F-up. I returned mine since they claimed that they will send out an auto update to disable the phone, but I am still unsure if that is true or not. Just to be sure I end up returning it), but HTC makes very good phones. Every company have its own faults.


Dumb reasons Like:

1.Using snapdragon 821 instead of 835.

2. Copy Samsung back.

3. Copy LG 2nd screen.

4. Copy Iphone with no head jack




Let see, U Ultra cost around $750USD(without tax) is that too much for an smart phone? Hmm yes to some people maybe but not everybody. If you enjoy your device and use it for at least twenty five to fifty percent of your day then no sir it is not too much. But why are writers/tech, geeks, and consumer are complaining $750 is too much for HTC U Ultra??

First they are crying about the processor Snapdragon 821 hmmmm why? Everyone wants the 835, but do they know the difference between those two or can they even tell? I am 100% sure you can not tell the difference between those two processors when gaming or mult-tasking on your phone. Just because sometimes your phone may lag a bit it is not always the processors fault. Nothing from SD835 really catches my eye anyway, maybe it claims to save 25% more battery life then SD821. People are just trying to fine anything to pick at when it doesn’t effect the usage. Just because a phone uses a processor that not even close to being out dated the price should go down? Dell/Apple/MSI/HP they all still make computers/laptops that use out dated processors and still sell them for high dollars. Plus it is an 5.7-inch screen  for $750, to me that is good. If you remember 6s plus 64g was $850 and Note 4 was $850 as well. Bigger screens cost more money to make.


Next cry me a longer river please. HTC copy’s other company hmm and? Every company copies each other to compete if you can do it better then great, if you can’t then it just makes you look bad. The only reason our phones technology has improved over the years is because of healthy competition. Phone brands like Blackberry decided not to change and look where they ended up.

The back of the HTC U Ultra looking like Samsung, but the material could be completely different (HTC always have a great feel when holding).  Most Samsung phones look like Iphone, but feel light and breakable like cheap plastic. Almost everyone uses a phone case nowadays anyways. So for those that are crying  that it looks like Samsung from the back because of it is Glass /Aluminum and square camera can just stop.

Copy from LG V20 second screen, good job. I love the second screen on my V20 it helps me a lot on daily usage. If you can rock it better then the creator then do it (now that is a copy that you can cry about, but the back of a phone look alike?). I give big props for LG on this second screen I love it. Now this one is funny copy Iphone on removing the head jack. That is just depend on time, tech is moving so fast everything is upgrading. (Out the old in with the new). Most headphone now are wireless with Bluetooth capabilities, if you want a lighter and thinner phone it makes sense. Which phone got the first 4G ???, HTC Evo 4G did.  HTC also had a dual camera lens on their phones but nobody said anything when the Iphone 7 Plus did the same.



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