The World of Final Fantasy

The World of Final Fantasy is an RPG game released in October of 2016. It is available on PS4 console and PS Vista. The world is set in Grymoire with two siblings Lann and Reynn who are trying to recover their lost memories, and their powers to wield Mirages. There are multiple dungeons and mirages to capture throughout Grymoire and Lann and Reynn fight their way through the world gaining the ability to change forms from giants to really cute chibis. The best part about this game is that it is still the classic time based battles, but you are able to stack characters if you wish to use different powers from the mirages you capture. It was a little confusing at first but the guides walk you through each step and give you tips along the way. This is a very simple but fun RPG with puzzles and quest to complete along the way. It is  definaltey worth the buy to add to your PS4 collection.